ARTIOSCanvas Boards for Painting – 10×12 12pcs

ARTIOSCanvas Boards for Painting – 10×12 12pcs

Are you an artist looking for the perfect canvas boards for your next painting project? Look no further than ARTIOSCanvas Boards for Painting. Our 10×12 12pcs set is designed to meet the needs of artists of all levels, providing a high-quality surface for your creative expression.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Double Primed
  • Acid-Free
  • Medium Grain
  • White
  • 10×12 inches
  • Pack of 12

100% Cotton

The canvas boards are made of 100% cotton, providing a durable and reliable surface for your paintings. The natural cotton fibers enhance the texture and appearance of your artwork.

Double Primed

Each canvas board is double primed, ensuring a smooth and consistent surface for your paints. The priming also helps to prevent the colors from seeping through the canvas, allowing for vibrant and long-lasting paintings.


Our canvas boards are acid-free, making them ideal for professional artists who require archival-quality materials. The acid-free nature ensures that your paintings will not yellow or deteriorate over time.

Medium Grain

The medium grain texture of the canvas boards provides the perfect balance between smoothness and texture, allowing for versatile painting techniques and styles.

10×12 inches, Pack of 12

Each canvas board measures 10×12 inches, providing a spacious canvas for your artistic endeavors. The pack of 12 ensures that you have an ample supply for multiple projects.


Are these canvas boards suitable for oil and acrylic paints?

Yes, the double primed surface is suitable for both oil and acrylic paints, providing a versatile painting experience.

Can the canvas boards be framed?

Yes, the 10×12 size is a standard frame size, making it easy to frame your finished paintings.

Are the canvas boards warp-resistant?

Yes, the high-quality construction of the canvas boards ensures that they are warp-resistant, providing a stable surface for your artwork.


ARTIOSCanvas Boards for Painting – 10×12 12pcs offer the perfect combination of quality, durability, and versatility for artists. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, these canvas boards provide the ideal surface for your creative vision.