Apollo Super Quad X Pro – LED Roller Skates for Kids and Teens

Apollo Super Quad X Pro – LED Roller Skates for Kids and Teens

Introducing the Apollo Super Quad X Pro, the perfect roller skates for kids and teens who love to skate. These LED roller skates are not only lightweight and durable, but also incredibly comfortable. With their soft boots that adjust to the foot and PP high impact cuffs for extra stability, these roller skates provide the perfect fit for all sports-loving children.

Enjoy Skating with Apollo LED Roller Skates

Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced skater, they will surely enjoy skating with the Apollo LED roller skates. The high degree of comfort and smooth riding properties make these roller skates ideal for all skill levels. Your child will have a blast gliding around the rink or skating outdoors with friends.

They Grow with the Child

One of the best features of the Apollo LED roller skates is that they can grow with your child. Thanks to the 1-click system, these roller skates are easy to adjust and can accommodate your child’s growing feet over 4 shoe sizes. No need to constantly buy new skates as your child’s feet grow!

Quick-Fastening System for a Secure Fit

Safety is a top priority when it comes to roller skating. That’s why the Apollo Super Quad X Pro is equipped with a specially designed buckle closure with a safety buckle, hook and loop fastener power strap, and shoe laces. This combination ensures a secure fit, allowing your child to skate with confidence.

Top Quality and Cool Design

As a brand product, the Apollo Super Quad X Pro is known for its top quality and cool design. The LED wheels add an extra element of fun and excitement to the skating experience. The high-rebound wheels (54 mm x 32 mm) and ABEC 7 bearings provide optimal riding properties, allowing your child to skate smoothly and effortlessly.


The Apollo Super Quad X Pro is the ultimate roller skates for kids and teens. With their lightweight and durable construction, adjustable soft boots, and high impact cuffs, these roller skates offer comfort and stability. The 1-click system allows the skates to grow with your child, saving you money in the long run. The quick-fastening system ensures a secure fit, while the LED wheels and top quality components make these roller skates stand out from the crowd. Get your child the Apollo Super Quad X Pro and watch them skate with joy!