Be Cool Solutions Premium Polyethylene Greenhouse Film

Be Cool Solutions Premium Polyethylene Greenhouse Film

Don’t Let Your Plants Settle For Anything Less Than The Absolute Best!


Do you want to protect your plants from environmental stresses and extreme weather conditions, such as pollution and droughts? Do you want to provide your vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs with perfect growing conditions for them to grow to their full potential? Are you looking to replace the plastic sheeting of your greenhouse, grow tunnel or garden with the best greenhouse cover on the market? We’ve got you covered!

Features of Our Greenhouse Film

1. Highly Durable

Our polyethylene greenhouse film is highly durable and will last in all seasons for years. It is manufactured using high-quality polyethylene, making it fold up to 210% stronger, have a tear strength up to 164% higher, and a puncture force up to 12% higher than other greenhouse films on the market.

2. UV Treated

Our greenhouse film is UV treated for up to 4 years of UV protection. It captures the IR energy of the sun during the day and slowly releases the heat energy at night. This thermal preservative quality helps your plants grow by protecting them during the day from temperature ill effects and maintaining warmer temperatures during the night.

3. Anti-Drip & Anti-Dust

The anti-drip inside treatment of our greenhouse film prevents the formation of damaging drips inside your greenhouse. Additionally, the anti-dust additive keeps your cover less dusty, ensuring that your plants will be protected and that the light transmission will remain undisturbed.

4. Ideal Growing Conditions

Our greenhouse film provides ideal growing conditions for maximum growth. Whether you need it for a single season or a full year, you can use our greenhouse film to cover your grow tunnel, yard mini greenhouse, or garden for vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs, and more. The perfect growing conditions – high light transmission, humidity, and temperature – are guaranteed.


Protect your plants with the Be Cool Solutions Premium Polyethylene Greenhouse Film. Its 6mil (150micron) commercial grade thickness and various features make it the best greenhouse film on the market. Don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best for your plants!