Breathe Easy Face Down Pillow – Premium Adjustable Face Cradle Pillow

Breathe Easy Face Down Pillow

Been advised to rest in the prone position post-surgery? Recovering from eye surgery? Need a face pillow for massage? Then the Zenesse Face Down Pillow is the perfect pillow for you!

Product Description

Made from superior memory foam, it is the perfect loft to ensure your nose will not touch the bed whilst keeping your neck in line to relieve stress & tension. The extra-large ventilation arches help to provide improved airflow compared to traditional face down pillows. Plus, each pillow features a removable, machine washable, luxury bamboo pillow cover that naturally wicks away sweat; so you stay cool, dry & comfortable.

One pillow – so many uses

  • Massage Face Cradle Pillow – perfect for face down massages at home to ensure full relaxation.
  • Eye Surgery Recovery Pillow – use as face support after eye surgery the pillow keeps you in the correct position so your retina can heal.
  • Desk Nap Pillow – Long hours in the office often lead to an afternoon energy crash. Use our pillow to catch a quick snooze at your desk to keep you refreshed all day long!

Buy with confidence. Because we care about your long-term health & wellbeing, we continuously monitor every step, ensuring all our premium grade materials and manufacturing processes exceed standards for comfort, longevity, performance, and customer happiness.

Take action today and enjoy the rest you deserve. We guarantee your Zenesse Face Down Pillow will retain its shape and support for a minimum of 5 years from purchase (with registration), or simply let us know and we’ll issue a full prompt refund or replacement.

*Please note, this product is NOT a medical device and NOT recommended for use if you have breathing issues or for night time sleeping in bed.

All information, content, and material on this product page is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.


Sinusitis, headaches, eye surgery recovery

New Improved Patent Pending Design for Fall 2021

For the Ultimate Face Pillow you want extreme comfort, ergonomic design and ease of air flow – the Zenesse Face Down Pillow delivers this and more. When used as a foam face cradle for resting or a massage headrest for home, its large ventilation arches help to provide better airflow, so you can truly relax. The curved angle memory foam gently cushions the face whilst the wide eye socket area ensures zero pressure on the eyes. It’s like resting on a cloud!

Post Eye Surgery Recovery

Are going through retina recovery or have retinal detachment? Then resting face down after eye surgery is a must. Using the Zenesse Face Down Pillow as a retina surgery pillow (or vitrectomy pillow) ensures your retina is kept in place to heal correctly, whilst the premium memory foam provides a superior level of comfort and support for the rest you deserve!

Contoured & Adjustable

Whether you are looking for face cradles to use as an eye surgery recovery pillow or as a massage headrest, having a pillow that fits your face perfectly is vital. By adjusting the drawstring toggle you can widen or narrow the face opening. This, together with the contoured top ensures there is zero pressure on your eyes when resting.

Home Massage & Workplace Napping

Our massage pillow face down is perfect for all back treatments. Be fully relaxed with your face softly cushioned, exceptional air flow for deep breathing and spine aligned ensuring no pressure on the neck or shoulders – although you may need waking up afterwards! Or if you work in an office and like to catch a lunchtime snooze then this is a great nap pillow to keep in your drawer!

100% Money Back Guarantee

5 Year Warranty w/ Registration: Whether using for home massage, eye surgery recovery or for prone resting, we guarantee the Zenesse Face Down pillow delivers the comfort you desire, or simply let us know and we’ll extend a full refund or replacement, whatever makes you happiest!

Perfect as Relaxation Gifts for Women

Whether you are looking for massage gifts for men or stress relief gifts for women, the Breathe Easy Face Down Pillow makes a great gift for him or her.