CorningWare Etch 7 Ounce Ramekin Twinpack in Brick

CorningWare Etch 7 Ounce Ramekin Twinpack in Brick

Introducing the CorningWare Etch 7 Ounce Ramekin Twinpack in Brick, the perfect addition to your kitchenware collection. These ramekins are not only functional but also stylish, adding a touch of elegance to your dining table.

Enhance Your Culinary Experience

These 7-ounce ramekins are ideal for baking and serving individual portions of your favorite dishes. Whether you’re making crème brûlée, soufflé, or a delicious chocolate lava cake, these ramekins are the perfect size for creating impressive desserts.

Stylish and Durable

The CorningWare Etch Ramekins feature a beautiful brick design that adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting. Made from high-quality stoneware, these ramekins are built to last. They are oven safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe, making them incredibly convenient to use.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning up after a delicious meal is a breeze with these ramekins. Simply place them in the dishwasher, and they will come out sparkling clean. The non-porous surface of the stoneware prevents food from sticking, making it easy to remove any residue.

  1. Are these ramekins stackable?
  2. Yes, these ramekins are stackable, allowing for easy storage in your kitchen cabinets.

  3. Can I use these ramekins in the freezer?
  4. Yes, these ramekins are freezer safe, allowing you to prepare individual portions in advance and store them for later use.

  5. What is the temperature limit for these ramekins?
  6. These ramekins can withstand temperatures up to 500°F, making them suitable for a wide range of recipes.


The CorningWare Etch 7 Ounce Ramekin Twinpack in Brick is a must-have for any home cook or baking enthusiast. With their stylish design and durable construction, these ramekins are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. Upgrade your kitchenware collection today and elevate your culinary creations to the next level.