Doro 380438 2414 Steel-Silver

Doro 380438 2414 Steel-Silver: A User-Friendly Mobile Phone

Are you looking for a mobile phone that is easy to use and packed with essential features? Look no further than the Doro 380438 2414 steel-silver. This sleek and stylish phone is designed to meet the needs of users who value simplicity and functionality.

Key Features

The Doro 380438 2414 steel-silver comes with the following key features:


The phone features a 6.09 cm (2.4″) display, providing a clear and vibrant viewing experience. Whether you’re reading messages or browsing the web, the display ensures that you can see everything with ease.


With an easy-to-use camera and a built-in flashlight, capturing special moments is a breeze. The phone’s camera functionality is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to take photos and videos without any hassle.


Stay connected with friends and family using the phone’s Bluetooth feature. Whether you want to share files or connect to wireless accessories, the Bluetooth functionality makes it convenient to stay in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the phone suitable for seniors?

Yes, the Doro 380438 2414 steel-silver is designed with seniors in mind. Its user-friendly interface and essential features make it an ideal choice for older users.

Can I expand the phone’s storage?

Yes, the phone supports expandable storage, allowing you to add a microSD card for additional space to store photos, videos, and music.


The Doro 380438 2414 steel-silver is a reliable and user-friendly mobile phone that offers essential features in a sleek and stylish package. Whether you’re a senior looking for a simple phone or someone who values ease of use, this phone is sure to meet your needs.