Durafit – Sturdy, Stable and Strong Agile Treadmill

Durafit – Sturdy, Stable and Strong Agile Treadmill

The Durafit Treadmill is a high-quality, durable and versatile fitness equipment that is perfect for home use. With its sturdy construction and powerful motor, it provides a smooth and efficient workout experience.

Key Features

Sturdy and Stable

The Durafit Treadmill is built with a strong and stable frame, ensuring that it can withstand intense workouts without wobbling or shaking. This provides a safe and comfortable exercise environment.

Powerful Motor

The treadmill is equipped with a 2.0 HP peak DC motor, providing sufficient power for a wide range of workout intensities. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or a challenging run, the Durafit Treadmill can accommodate your needs.

Remote Controlled

The treadmill comes with a remote control, allowing you to easily adjust the speed and incline without interrupting your workout. This convenient feature enhances the user experience and makes it easier to achieve your fitness goals.

Foldable Design

The Durafit Treadmill features a foldable handle, making it easy to store and save space when not in use. This is especially beneficial for those with limited space in their homes.

LCD Display

The treadmill is equipped with a wide LCD display that shows important workout metrics such as time, speed, distance, and calories burned. This allows you to track your progress and stay motivated throughout your workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum user weight for the Durafit Treadmill?

The maximum user weight for walking is 120 kg, while for running it is 90 kg.

2. Does the treadmill come with a warranty?

Yes, the Durafit Treadmill comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and a 2-year warranty on the motor. The frame is covered for a lifetime.

3. Is the treadmill pre-installed?

Yes, the Durafit Treadmill is 100% pre-installed and ready to use. You can start your workout immediately without the need for complicated assembly.

4. How do I lubricate the treadmill?

The treadmill features manual lubrication. Simply follow the instructions in the user manual to ensure smooth and quiet operation.


The Durafit Treadmill is a reliable and durable fitness equipment that offers a smooth and efficient workout experience. With its sturdy construction, powerful motor, and convenient features such as remote control and foldable design, it is an excellent choice for home use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, the Durafit Treadmill can help you achieve your fitness goals.