Lululemon Pace Rival MR Skirt – Product Description

Lululemon Pace Rival MR Skirt

Introducing the Lululemon Pace Rival MR Skirt, the perfect blend of style and performance for the modern athlete. Whether you’re hitting the track or heading to the gym, this skirt is designed to keep you comfortable and looking great.


1. Moisture-Wicking Fabric

The Pace Rival MR Skirt is made from a high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric that helps to keep you dry and comfortable during your workout. Say goodbye to sweat stains and hello to a fresh and dry feel.

2. Built-In Shorts

With built-in shorts, this skirt provides added coverage and support. You can move freely without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions. The shorts are made from a breathable and stretchy material that allows for maximum flexibility.

3. Adjustable Waistband

The skirt features an adjustable waistband that allows you to customize the fit to your liking. Whether you prefer a snug or relaxed fit, you can easily adjust the waistband for optimal comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the skirt suitable for high-intensity workouts?

A: Absolutely! The Pace Rival MR Skirt is designed to withstand high-intensity workouts. The moisture-wicking fabric and built-in shorts provide the necessary support and comfort for any activity.

Q: Can I wear this skirt for casual outings?

A: Definitely! The stylish design of the Pace Rival MR Skirt makes it versatile for both athletic and casual wear. Pair it with a tank top or a t-shirt for a trendy and sporty look.


The Lululemon Pace Rival MR Skirt is a must-have for any active individual. Its combination of style, comfort, and functionality sets it apart from other athletic skirts on the market. Don’t compromise on your workout attire – choose the Pace Rival MR Skirt and experience the difference.