MOFNA Stainless Steel Swing Dust Bin, 30 Liter and 50 Liter (Set of 2)

MOFNA Stainless Steel Swing Dust Bin, 30 Liter and 50 Liter (Set of 2)

Are you tired of flimsy, easily-damaged trash cans that just don’t hold up to everyday use? Look no further than the MOFNA Stainless Steel Swing Dust Bin. This set of 30 liter and 50 liter garbage bins is designed to meet the needs of both home and commercial environments, with a focus on durability, functionality, and style.

Heavy-Gauge Stainless Steel

These trash cans are built to last, with heavy-gauge stainless steel construction that is both dent-resistant and sturdy. The protective ring at the base prevents damage to your floor, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Whether you’re using them in a busy kitchen, a restaurant, a hotel lobby, or a banquet room, these bins can handle the demands of tough environments.

Extra-Wide Opening

The extra-large capacity and wide 12-inch opening make it easy to toss in trash on the go. This feature is especially convenient for commercial businesses, where quick and efficient waste disposal is essential. The wide opening also makes these bins a great choice for home use, allowing for easy and hassle-free trash disposal.

Designed for a Busy Kitchen

If you generate a lot of kitchen waste, these trash cans are the perfect solution. The 30 liter and 50 liter capacity can handle all your rubbish needs, while the sleek and sophisticated matte steel fingerprint-proof finish ensures that the bins always look clean and smudge-free. These bins are not only functional but also add a touch of style to your kitchen or utility area.

Solution for Everyday Use

The matte steel fingerprint-proof finish makes these trash cans easy to maintain. The whole lid can be simply removed when it’s time to change the inner bag, and the bags are easy to fit without causing an unsightly overwrap. Additionally, the sturdy carrying handles make it easy to move the bins when needed, adding to their overall convenience.

Lifetime Guarantee on Manufacturing Defects

For added peace of mind, these trash cans come with a lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects. This demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality and durability of their product, making it a smart investment for any home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are these trash cans suitable for outdoor use?
  • A: While they are designed for indoor use, the heavy-gauge stainless steel construction makes them durable enough to withstand outdoor use in covered areas.
  • Q: Can the lids be locked in place?
  • A: No, the lids are designed to swing open for easy access to the trash can.
  • Q: Do these bins come with inner bags?
  • A: No, inner bags are not included, but they are easy to find and fit into the bins.


The MOFNA Stainless Steel Swing Dust Bin, 30 Liter and 50 Liter (Set of 2), is a practical and stylish solution for your waste disposal needs. Whether you need a durable and functional trash can for your home or business, these bins are designed to meet your requirements. With their heavy-gauge stainless steel construction, extra-wide openings, and sleek fingerprint-proof finish, they offer both convenience and style. Plus, with a lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects, you can trust that these bins will stand the test of time.