Outdoor Tent Children’s Playhouse Tent – Fun-Play Tent For Boys and Girls

Outdoor Tent Children’s Playhouse Tent – Fun-Play Tent For Boys and Girls

Are you searching for the perfect outdoor playhouse tent for your children? Look no further! Our Football Tent is the ultimate choice for endless fun and adventure. Whether you’re planning a camping trip or a day at the beach, this UV-protected tent will provide hours of entertainment for your little ones.

Why Choose Our Football Tent?

1. Exciting Design: The Football Tent features a unique and eye-catching design that will capture the imagination of your children. It resembles a real football, making it perfect for sports-loving kids.

2. Easy to Set Up: Setting up the tent is a breeze! It comes with clear instructions and requires no complicated assembly. Within minutes, your children will be ready to embark on their outdoor adventure.

3. UV-Protection: We understand the importance of protecting your children from harmful UV rays. Our Football Tent is made with UV-protected materials, ensuring that your little ones can play safely under the sun.


1. Is the tent suitable for both boys and girls?

Yes, the Football Tent is designed to be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Its neutral colors and sporty design make it appealing to children of all genders.

2. Can the tent be used indoors?

While the Football Tent is primarily designed for outdoor use, it can also be set up indoors if you have enough space. However, please ensure proper ventilation and supervision when using it indoors.

3. How many children can fit inside the tent?

The tent can comfortably accommodate up to three children. However, this may vary depending on their age and size.


In conclusion, our Football Tent is the perfect outdoor playhouse tent for boys and girls. Its unique design, easy setup, and UV-protection make it a must-have for any outdoor adventure. Give your children the gift of endless fun and imagination with our Football Tent!