Portable CD Player with Speaker

Portable CD Player with Speaker

Are you tired of constantly replacing AA batteries in your CD player? Do you want a portable CD player that can be used by multiple people at once? Look no further than the Portable CD Player with Speaker. This innovative device is perfect for personal use or for sharing music with friends and family.

Rechargeable CD Player

With a built-in 1500mAh battery, there is no need to use AA batteries or always plug the charging cable into the CD player when playing music. The portable CD player can be fully charged in 4 hours, listen to music with headphones for up to 10 hours, and play directly from the speakers for about 6 hours. It is also an outdoor speaker, when fully charged, you can take the CD player to outdoor use.

Programming Function

You can set the order of discs to play and adjust the order of music playback according to your preferences. Easy to operate, please follow the instructions.

Anti-Skip & Resume Function

The CD walkman has Anti-Skip function to ensure good sound quality and keep the CD player working stably. The resume function allows the next play to start from the position where the last play ended.

Wide Compatibility

This compact CD player can support most CD formats such as CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA. It also has an AUX connection with all other listenable devices such as external speakers and cars with 3.5mm AUX jack via AUX 3.5mm input. There is also a USB port for added convenience.

Popular Gift

The Portable CD player is a good choice for a loved one, family member, classmate, friend, or workmate. Especially for those who are learning languages or singing, this portable CD player also has the function of repeating and adjusting the playback speed, which is perfect for them.


  • Rechargeable CD Player
  • Portable CD Player with Speaker
  • Anti-Skip & Resume Function
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Popular Gift

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the CD player need to be charged?

The CD player can be fully charged in 4 hours.

Can the CD player be used as an outdoor speaker?

Yes, when fully charged, the CD player can be used as an outdoor speaker.

What CD formats does the player support?

The player supports most CD formats such as CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, and WMA.


The Portable CD Player with Speaker is a versatile and convenient device that is perfect for personal or multi-user use. With its rechargeable battery, wide compatibility, and anti-skip function, it is a popular gift for music lovers of all ages. Say goodbye to constantly replacing AA batteries and enjoy uninterrupted music playback with this innovative CD player.