Spotless Water System – Say Goodbye to Hard Water Spots!

Spotless Water System – Say Goodbye to Hard Water Spots!

Are you still worried about the hard water spots after the car wash? Hard water spots can damage the surface of your car. The Filterelated Spotless Car Wash is a water-determined system that removes all minerals from water. So just wash, rinse, and walk away!

Never Worry About Water Spots Again

With a Filterelated spotless water system, you can let your car air dry without leaving any spots. In addition to cars, filter related deionized water systems are flawless for cleaning the Windows of your RV, boat, golf cart, yacht, motorcycle, bicycle and house! You can even make it a portable RV water softener by changing the filter material.

Easy to Install and Use

Our portable deionized water system accessories include 6″*17″ FRP tanks. 5L of premium mixed bed resin, which provides approximately 520 gallons of mineral-free and deionized water, can be replaced by purchasing our replacement resin packs. With 3/4NPT external thread to NH3/4 external thread *1, 3/4NPT external thread to NH3/4 internal thread *1 3/4 American quick connection *1 set, black Velcro ring handle, etc. Easy to install and move.

Simple Setup Process

When you receive our car wash system, you will need to pour 5L of resin into the tank, install the parts in the tank, connect to the garden tap, and then you are ready to start cleaning. If you have any questions about a spotless water system, please feel free to contact Filterelated.

Important Note

Note: Our car wash system is only used for the final step of the car wash, and please ensure that all accessories are securely connected and the tank is tightened. Otherwise, it may lead to incomplete filtration and short service life.

Say Goodbye to Water Spots Today!

Say goodbye to hard water spots on your vehicles and enjoy a spotless, clean finish every time. The Filterelated Spotless Water System is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their cars, RVs, boats, and more looking pristine. Get yours today and experience the difference!