The Fostex AR-4i: Revolutionizing Audio on Your iPhone

Are you tired of the mediocre audio quality on your iPhone? Do you wish you could capture professional-grade audio recordings with your device? Look no further than the Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface. This innovative product is designed to revolutionize the way you experience audio on your iPhone 4/4S/iPod Touch 4G.

Enhanced Audio Quality

The Fostex AR-4i is equipped with high-quality microphone preamps and analog-to-digital converters, ensuring that your recordings sound clear and professional. Whether you’re recording music, podcasts, interviews, or any other audio content, the AR-4i will capture every detail with exceptional accuracy.

Easy to Use

With its user-friendly interface, the AR-4i is incredibly easy to use. Simply connect your iPhone 4/4S/iPod Touch 4G to the audio interface, and you’re ready to start recording. The interface also features adjustable input levels, allowing you to customize the audio settings to suit your needs.

Battery Powered

One of the standout features of the AR-4i is its battery-powered design. This means that you can record audio on the go, without worrying about draining your iPhone’s battery. Whether you’re in the studio, on location, or anywhere else, the AR-4i will always be ready to capture high-quality audio.

  1. Can I use the AR-4i with other iPhone models?
  2. No, the AR-4i is specifically designed for use with iPhone 4/4S and iPod Touch 4G.

  3. Does the AR-4i come with any additional accessories?
  4. Yes, the AR-4i includes a windscreen and a carrying pouch for added convenience.

  5. Can I connect external microphones to the AR-4i?
  6. Yes, the AR-4i features two XLR inputs, allowing you to connect external microphones for even greater versatility.


The Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface is a game-changer for iPhone users who demand high-quality audio recordings. With its enhanced audio capabilities, user-friendly interface, and battery-powered design, the AR-4i is the perfect companion for any audio enthusiast or professional. Say goodbye to mediocre audio and unlock the true potential of your iPhone with the Fostex AR-4i.