Yanmis 3Pcs of 1 Set Linear Scale

Yanmis 3Pcs of 1 Set Linear Scale

Are you in need of high accuracy linear scales for your digital display? Look no further than Yanmis 3Pcs of 1 Set Linear Scale. These aluminum alloy digital readout grating rulers are designed for use with JCS900-2AE and JCS900-3AE digital displays, and are available in stroke lengths of 0-300mm, 0-500mm, and 0-600mm.


High Accuracy

The linear scales offer high accuracy, ensuring precise measurements for your applications.

Durable Construction

Made from aluminum alloy, the grating rulers are durable and built to last.

Easy Installation

With simple installation instructions, you can quickly set up the linear scales for use with your digital display.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Compatibility: JCS900-2AE/JCS900-3AE Digital Display
  • Stroke Lengths: 0-300mm, 0-500mm, 0-600mm


What is the accuracy of the linear scales?

The linear scales offer high accuracy for precise measurements.

Are the linear scales easy to install?

Yes, the linear scales come with simple installation instructions for easy setup.


Yanmis 3Pcs of 1 Set Linear Scale provides high accuracy and durability for your digital display needs. With easy installation and multiple stroke lengths available, these linear scales are a reliable choice for your applications.